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Welcome to Land & Wave’s Instructor hub. This site is not only a portal into life on the course be will provide practical information to instructors and those wanting to make the career change!

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Training

Please try entering https://graph.facebook.com/750754508336625/photos?fields=source,link,name,images,album&limit=1000 into your URL bar and seeing if the page loads.We had an epic SUP session in Swanage Bay Facebook API came back with a faulty result. You may be accessing an album you do not have permissions to access. read more

Guide to Stand Up Paddle boarding technique

This guide takes you through the basics of Stand Up Paddleboarding, including the different strokes and techniques to control your board. Prone Position To start with, practice lying on the board and use your hands to paddle in the water either side of you.  ... read more

The Deer Butchery 101

Ever wondered where your food really comes from? Well at Land & Wave we offer Deer Butchery in a variety of packages, where you can learn about your food as well as getting really hands on with it. Here is a guide from the deer to that mouth-watering steak... read more

Coasteering safety video

I was keen to find out some additional information that would help me to understand the risks as well as safety surrounding coasteering. This link is something I found very helpful as a guide and starting point before starting my training. You might also find this... read more

How to make FIRE!

Making a fire is a skill, and it’s one that everybody should be able to do. Whether it’s for necessity because you are stuck out in the wilderness, or just for pleasure relaxing around a campfire, controlled fires are beautiful and mesmerising things.... read more

Tidal Planning & Navigation

Before setting off on any kayak journey, it is essential to check out the conditions that you will be facing at sea, and there is a lot of information to gather. This includes general weather, the wind strength and direction, the direction and height of swell and wave... read more

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